Hello to all the animal lovers. I am Thom, the founder of Thom's Paws. Let me introduce myself a bit more. A regular middle-aged man, who has been doing the best job in the world. By this time you probably can make a guess. 
Yes, I am a dog walker.

I spend my days in beautiful parks with my buddies through London. Lying in the grass, throwing balls, running, swimming and enjoying the time with the chaps. 

The other side of this lovely job, that you need to find the best quality products for yourself and your company. Because we are, dog-walkers, using more balls, leads, treats than anybody else on this planet. Unfortunately it takes time, research and a few wasted hundred till you find the best ones for you and your furry pals
For example we destroyed hundreds of tennis balls before found the most durable one. I have to say that was a bit pricey than others but in a long-term saved me a lot. On top of that dogs love it. 

So after having these experiences with almost every dog-related product I got an idea. I wanted to share what worked for me with other dog owners/lovers. Saving them from a lot of headaches and wasting time and money. 

I asked my friend, Frank, who created Thom's Paws for me. 
Since then I have been sharing the topnotch stuffs with the online community of dog owners/lovers.

I hope you enjoy your journey at Thom's Paws and will find the best for your friend. I wish you a cheerful time with your best friend.

Thank you for visiting us and do not forget, we are always more than happy to hear from you.